if 28 could talk

Today I reached the end of my twenties. I turned a beautifully odd 29 years old.

A year ago today, Trump stole my birthday. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since that pitiful excuse for a human was elected president. Trying to even recall all the things that have since happened this passed year feels impossible.

Truth is, I’ve always loved birthdays, my birthday in particular (duh). I like them because they offer a day of reflection. True, there are many other markers of change throughout the year, new years of all sorts, seasons, solar phenomenas…ideally every day should be a day to remember all that we have learned, and channel that into our best selves. But really, who has time for that?

So I take this day as an opportunity to remember a few lessons 28 taught me.

I learned to hold the word baby at the tip of my tongue, that it should be ready to jump onto the end of my statements.

‘Excuse me, baby’

‘You’re all good, baby’

‘Thank you, baby’.

I learned that sometimes I don’t like people, and sometimes I don’t need a reason.

I learned to say Y’all more

No less

and Yes with more caution

I learned to call my mother more; that all the times she annoys me, she is always right

I learned ask for help, even when I know I’m the only one with the answer

I learned that glitter and unicorns isn’t something you outgrow easily

I learned not to eat unknown plants

I learned to talk less and listen more

to pause longer

to revel in the awkwardness of silence

I learned to say sorry, even if I don’t know what I’ve done;

that friendships can be remade with a phone call

I learned that if you keep your eyes open and breath through your mouth, it’s harder for tears to fall

…and I’ve learned a few things about medicine medicine too…

I learned that bodies are incredibly resilient, but sometimes crack at the oddest things

I learned that lung sounds are very confusing; that intestines sound like a stormy ocean; and that while hearts heal after heartbreak, they are never the same

and lastly, I learned that not even the best voice is capable of making the happy birthday song pleasant to listen to.

But thank you all for trying anyways.

Curious what lessons 29 has packed away…

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