A toast to loneliness

May you raise your glass to loneliness

that feeling you long forgot about, but that has not forgotten you

that hole burrowing in your stomach, making you so small you even lose yourself in the vast emptiness dragged in loneliness’ shadow

A glass to the silence that comes when the noises of the world hush, when the cellphones lose their signal, and the glow of electronics eventually peters out

that in the echo-chamber of this silence your thoughts are woken from their deep sleep

May they roar loud enough that this you might hear them and address them with the proper formalities they desire

A glass to the vulnerability that comes with complete responsibility, when we have no one to turn to, and no one to blame but ourselves

A glass to the uncertainty that causes us to raise our hand rather than stand up, that pins our tongue behind a smile rather than let it speak

A glass to that feeling accompanying us on the road to adventure

the one that raises the hairs on the back of your neck

the one that makes you doubt your journey

the one that brings forth the awkwardness, the fears, and the insecurities you thought you left at puberty’s door

And when your path crosses with other travelers, may your lonelinesses find each other

May they collide, split you open, and pour into these fresh new spaces

May they join hands in smoothing down your freightened hairs

May they lend an extra ear to hear your roars

May they fill each other’s silence will stories so big that their pieces break off and are left behind as your own

May they give you strength to stand straighter, to sing off-tune louder, to question without punctuation marks

May they encourage you to lose yourself more often, knowing your loneliness will always find company

So here is a toast! May you cheers to yourself!


Scribbles from this traveler on the road moving nowhere fast

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