Maria Conceição

How badly they wanted a baby

Each pill she swallowed a little prayer to god, to her ovariers, to the harvest that it might earn them enough to bring new life into the world

At least one of them listened

Like a magic wand, the doctor ran the transductor over her belly

Three little heads appeared on the ultrasound screen

Three little boys flexing their biceps, kicking the sacs that separated them

At 24 weeks they look ready to fight their way into this world

A world where nothing is free, where hardwork promises nothing, where room to exist must indeed be conquered

over and over and over again





4 thoughts on “Maria Conceição

  1. Do you know how happy you make me?

    I want to hear everything!!!!!! Is there a way we can talk? FYI. Don’t use pts names- HIPPA privacy. It is really a big deal.

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